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Burnout and Studying

Just wanted to vent this out here. I'm studying for an upcoming national examination (but there are no announcements yet as to when it would be held because of the pandemic). I'd like to think I'm trying my hardest to study, but there really are times when I feel like I really can't. Currently I'm tackling my weakest subject, and I'm not really sure if it's just me, but it's difficult to comprehend the things I'm reading. Oftentimes I find myself motivated only to fall back into feelings that I don't want to do anything. I'm only able to finish my expected coverage because I try to push myself enough, but having no sufficient outlet is burning me out already. 😔

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Re: Burnout and Studying

You’re almost there. I must say I can feel your pain and I know how heavy the burden is. I took the Bar exam thrice, failed on my first two attempts and luckily passed my third.

i studied 8 years (pre law and law proper) reviewed for 3 years, it really was exhausting. I often look back and think of all the family events that I missed, but once you succeed, it all becomes worth it.

It’s normal to feel tired and burnt out. Just have a break then come back stronger. Every step no matter how small is a step forward! Good luck on your exam!