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I am so tired of school, I physically and emotionally can not handle it anymore. The stress of needing to get perfect grades, my mom ignoring my cries for help and panic attacks and instead of helping just calling me lazy, the constant non-ending piles of school assignments. I can not do this anymore I can’t. I need help but no one listens. I just need a break, I can not do multiple essays and quizzes and tests everyday and study and read and write. Today I recycled an essay from a year prior, I condensed it and edited it so its very different but not insanely different. a couple sentences are the same but the panic and anxiety of getting caught is building up. I made a new essay doc and deleted the old one after editing it so the edit history doesnt show but im still so terrified. I just cant write this essay i cant do it i cant get caught either. I hate my life.