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food has lost its taste 

guess she’s back with her hungry days

she is losing herself because of it 

she knows she’d be so much happier without him

even the devil sees

the heaven in her smile

the hell in her eyes 

she is always so excited but she cries cause she’s alive 

al the clothes, or the bags, or the shoes or all the cash

even crystal wouldnt make up for the lack of people backing her up

her dearest friends, only family 

lived an airway far fantastically

over seas and with the planes 

she doesnt see them right away

cause she moved for the mentality 

for all the famous popularity

guess she was wrong and they were right 

she is a bitch by first sight 

she belongd there 

over seas and with the planes

in a country far away

her dearest friends, only family 

realised she made the wrong chose,

so tragically 

now she’s gone

her soul is out 

she couldnt live with those toughts out loud 

in reality she is burried 

but everyone knows all well, she went away with her toughts hoping she could be with her family hoping she could live happily 

but everything has changed so much

this whole adventure was way to much

this is heavy 

this is to much

i cant handle it long enough

i need them here 

i feel alone in a place that was once mine to own

now im scared and left alone 

because not even I could handle the trown