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i went to my best friends house and we watched p_rn and he asked if we could try it out i said yes at the start we didnt know what we where doing he was just rubbing my 😼and i s-cked his 🍆 it felt so good 🤤 then we started making out and rolling around in the bed and had s*x then one of this brothers walked into us having s*x and he just laughed and asked if he could join in and my best friend said yes and we all had s*x and fingerd eachother and s-cked their 🍆 now we all do it every time we see eachother and it feels so good 🤤 but we all have girlfriends and boyfriends but one time when we where having s*x my boyfriend knocked on my front door and he started yelling at me because he saw us having s*x- now i feel bad but i still have s*x with my bestfriend cause it feels so good 🤤 i cant stop.