rainstorm waged war

Cacophony of storm

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Life as an ignorant fool, Shattered by the dead of night,

As Outside a Rainstorm waged war, Inside a similar one took shape,

Darkness spread from power outage, but lighted way to actuality,

Between scary silence, Sounds of hitting flesh,

Peeking from under the covers, a righteous heart grew restless,

Intuition gave strength , to Creepily Eavesdrop,

Low muttered curses, imperceptible silhouettes of two,

Witnessed battle of unbearable anger, shame, taunts, reasons, insults and failures,

Sorrow and Anxiety took home, as young body trembled with fear,

An innocent attempt to resolve, crashed hard from the hit,

Became a shield to protect, and to cease this sinning,

How many blows? Muted Cries of pain joined in,

Why hasn't morning come to chase away this nightmare?

Time felt like an eternity, a hopeful impasse seemed approaching, but,

A pair of eyes found a scapegoat, and another sacrificed it,

Unfathomable words spoken by begetter, slivered the child's heart,

Finally both the war ended, As dawn spread,

a gloomy silence descended, still routine went on,

As days passed, creators went back to normalcy,

But for the wrecked youngster An Oath was born,

she Sacrificed the soul for eternal façade,

So that pain became her timeless companion.