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Caldini influence Brief

People like those who like them.

The application

Uncover real similarities and offer genuine praise.Similarities to bond(hobbies,their favourite sport e.t.c.).Praise to charm and disarm to gain their affection.

The Principle of Reciprocity

People repay in kind.

The application

Give what you want to receive.

The same holds true for managers faced with issues of information delivery and

resource allocation. If you lend a member of your staff to a colleague who is shorthanded

and staring at a fast-approaching deadline, you will significantly increase your chances of

getting help when you need it. Your odds will improve even more if you say, when your

colleague thanks you for the assistance, something like,

“Sure, glad to help. I know how

important it is for me to count on your help when I need it.”

The Principle of Social Proof

People follow the lead of similar others.

The application

Use peer power whenever it’s available.

Rather than try to convince the employees of the move’s merits

yourself, ask an old-timer who supports the initiative to speak up for it at a team meeting.

The compatriot’s testimony stands a much better chance of convincing the group than yet

another speech from the boss. Stated simply, influence is often best exerted horizontally

rather than vertically.

The Principle of Consistency

People align with their clear commitments.

The application

Make their commitments active, public, and voluntary.With contracts.

The Principle of Authority

People defer to experts.

The application

Expose your expertise; don’t assume it’s self-evident.

The Principle of Scarcity

People want more of what they can have less of.

The application

Highlight unique benefits and exclusive information.

f limited-time,

limited-supply, and one-of-a-kind offers. Honestly informing a coworker of a closing

window of opportunity— the chance to get the boss’s ear before she leaves for an

extended vacation, perhaps—can mobilize action dramatically.