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calling my fellow history nerds. i need your help pls


so the thing is: i want to learn more about the ussr and its consequences in the world but all the books or pages that i found are very subjective. like this is what i mostly found:

- that anti communism propaganda pages and books that are like "oh yes stalin killed everyone in the world with his own hands and lenin tortured little kittens in his basement every night, thats why everyone who slightly agrees with communism deserves to die😡😡😡😡😡😡😡"

- that weird tankie blogs that says things like "dont you dare insult daddy stalin he did absolutely nothing wrong you stupid bourgeois if you dont agree with me 100% then you think poor people deserve to die😡😡😡😡"

i know that history cant be 100% objective but i really wanted to know if you know about some blog, book or even a tik tok user or an ig page that talks about this topic without acting like a crazy fanatic of one of those political ideologies.

thats all i love you x

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Re: calling my fellow history nerds. i need your help pls

I’ll keep it brief. Gotta sleep. But I’m history dude.

The concept of communism is a noble one.

Long ago the Slavs served migrant Germans. The Germans freed them. The Slavs didn’t want to be freed. Because they were then conquered by cruel people.

Much later they had a ruler. As serfdom ended in west Europe; to be replaced by indentured servitude, Russia adopted it.

Lots of poor. Few powerful. Well they briefly had democracy. But then came socialism.

The goal is this. Destroy any warriors; teachers; business people; preachers; etc. Only leave the base citizens. The lowest classes.

It was believed they would then work together in harmony for common good. The socialist government would be temporary. Communism would take over. No government or military would be needed.

Instead they had a large ruling class. Deserters were rounded up; tortured, worked to death. Religion had to be stamped out. Massive starvation.

The people didn’t work hard. Turns out humans are mostly motivated by greed. If they were given an acre for themselves; & 100 to raise food fir their brothers, they raised more on the one acre than the 100. Factories built tractors that instantly broke down. No one cared.

When the socialists first rose to power; certain people & their families had to go. They were killed or worked to death. Cops; doctors; teachers; business owners; college grads; hunters; on & on. Basically the middle & upper class were wiped out. Half the population. Those left tended to be the unmotivated. Few inventors & innovators left. Nations invaded had half the population eradicated. The other half enslaved.

The fear or socialism spread. Survivors warned of the purge. Germans feared this. They knew as a very advanced intelligent culture; over half of them & their kids would be killed. This is why the Nazis became powerful. They were the only party willing to build up the military to fight. The Germans felt it would be fight or die.

The Nazis sent these soldiers out to battle. Then used the SS nuts & an iron fist to control the fatherland. Weird to think people choose Nazis over socialists. But the socialists killed many more people. Stalin & Lenin are the largest mass murderers in history.

Socialism is the worst large government ever. It crushes the human spirit. People have no hope. It can’t function well. A ruling class controls all. They pass down power to their kids. No one else can break free from poverty.

I knew people who lived under it. Fearing your neighbor was planting listening devices in your house. Fear. If those watching you got mad, you were arrested & worked to death. You could never criticize the government. You were basically a slave.

Hope that helped.