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Can any teenager reply to this.

I am not okay And I believe I will never actually be.I am ugly and I know it and others know it too.I am not talented I litreally don’t have any hobbies or anything ,I am always in the background ,and I am always the one no one ever thinks of ,I am always the one who cares too much and I am always the one getting hurt the most and no one even sees it ,I don’t know How I feel I feel useless ,disguasting, and I can never speak my mind because I know everything I say I will regret. I don’t like showing emotion,I never shown anyone that I am slowly falling apart and that I may not be here soon.My family I mean of course I love them but its hard living without a father who was abuser and left all kinds of shit holes in my life.But I somehow learned to move past that but now my family has no hope for me ,they always jell And I know what you think “every parent yells “ but no they yell in the morning in the afternoon at night every day they tell me how I am not enough and how I will never be and I truly believe that.I have 1 friend who is an angel but we are so so different and I don’t mind that but I know that I am not good enough for her and she is slowly like everyone separating away from me .

I am also confused by many things but mostly about how I label myself .I know that I will never I MEAN ever come out to my mom and tell her yea I also like girls and everyother person.Idon’t want to label myself and I want people to be fine with that but this world is shit and everyone will judge anything they can just so you can lose antoher piece of youself.I hate it here I really do there are so many more things I hate about myself I mean I hate eveything and nothing can change that.

*******I apologize for the mistakes english is not my first language.