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Can I be forgiven ?

I’m catholic and I’m 15. Wow it’s nerve-recking putting this out to the world. I’m not sure how old I was but Ik it went on for years. My cousins and I would kiss boy and girl we thought it was a game. Although I’m not sure where we got that from but it sickens me that I did. I also watched porn and humped one time for expirence. I want to go to heaven and I’m afraid that what I did won’t take me there. I cry every night remembering every awful thing I did and SERIOUSLY REGRET IT. Am I too deep? Have I fallen out of God, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary path. I don’t want to but I’m scared that I cannot repent for the sins I have done.

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Re: Can I be forgiven ?

Hey there.

I'm Catholic as well, 19.

I know what its like to feel so much shame and guilt after doing something like that you're not proud of. I can assure that the moment you feel too scared to tell God what you've done, you'll be rejecting His mercy.

He done want that. He knows you're not perfect but He loves you with all you're imperfections. He's just waiting for you to let Him in. His love is unconditional.

Be happy that you feel conviction. It shows that you have the law of the Lord written across your heart because alot of us sin without feeling any remorse.

There's nothing you can ever do that'll make Him stop loving you. Forgive yourself so He'll forgive you as well.

Be blessed!

Please check this out. Watch the whole video and then tell me what you think. You are in for a surprise! Take care 🤗🤗😊




Here's the link:


Yes. Jesus forgave a murderer who later helped write the Bible.

I had sex with over 200 women before marriage. I prayed for forgiveness & have only had sex with my wife for over 35 yrs. I know I’m forgiven & going to Heaven.

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Am I missing something? Why are you feeling so guilty? If I understand correctly, you and your cousin kissed. That seems fairly tame. I certainly wouldn't worry about that. After all, a kiss is just a kiss.

Was there something more that you're not telling us? This is an annonymous site, so there is no reason not to be forthcoming. Did you and your cousin engage in any actual sexual play, or was it really just kissing?

Also, if there was sexual play, have you talked to her and asked her how she has resolved it? You might find that it was a positive experience for her in which she was allowed to experiment and grow in a safe environment. While it's not something that people like to talk about, innocent sexual play between cousins of nearly the same age is harmless, and just a part of growing up.

It's when there's an age gap between the children of more than a few years when it starts to become an issue of predatory behaviour. But it sounds to me as if both of you were just experimenting as children will do.

Stop beatong yourself up over this. God had the power to intervene and stop your behaviour. He didn't, which could suggest that what happened between you two waz perhaps necessary in order to protect her from strangers who would have done far worse, or to prepare hwr for the kinds of expectationa teenage boys would have of her.

It's ok kid

This is going to be long but you don't get to drinking and getting high on a work night by not having a few life crises hah;

When I was very young (3-5ish) a babysitter and her boyfriend touched me, which boosted an unhealthy sexdrive early on.

I would draw pictures when I was young, American kid living in a third world country and divorced parents my shame and fear of making angels cry devastated me.

Mistakes that I made, feelings I couldn't control, did they make me bad? No! They don't, you're human kid, hell I knowingly played with a third cousin's titties and unknowingly lost my virginity to my 7th cousin.

But that's when I moved back to Ameirca to live with my grandparents (in literally the place they based 'Wrong Turn'), after my mom switched religions and toppled my world. I didn't know until my fathers fervent disapproval of me reciting "Hey the Pegans sacrificed babies and dipped eggs in their blood for Easter", genuinely afraid of upsetting god.

Later down the line, at age 13, I stepped away from my faith (crazily enough, as soon as I said "I'm done" and started crying the skies opened up and showered me with rain).

We as humans need leadership, CRAVE it, along with such a lack of understanding on death. Don't be scared or worry, your regret is natural, you didn't know but know you do it's like how can god strike those who haven't heard of him?

Religion is meant to keep you in fear, living in constant burden.

Read, study, stay in school, check out Richard Dawkins and theoretical physics, expand your mind and chase girls that aren't related to you.

Dabble in life, it's surprisingly short and you only have one man.

Maybe don't do coke or mess around with hookers that's how you get in trouble you can have a moral code and still live a full life without the shackles of 'sin'

Hold the door open for people, be giving and patient, treat people with respect, etcetera

I wish the best for you kid, I don't know you'll see this or it will help / worsens but don't beat yourself up we all make questionable mistakes.

-23 year old who's seen too much

P.S. (only if you give a shit to read more about me) I dropped out of high school, 9th grade

But skipped 5th-7th and they gave me the option to be put into 9th which was a grade above what I needed to be in.

Long story short, I spent a lot of time out of school and in jungles / meeting new people and experiencing cultures, which is an eye opener in of itself.

You'll face moments like this, moments of shame, god believe me they haunt me it's why I'm drunk on here. But, they don't define you. We all lapse, have our own addictions, which is ok whatever helps us get through this crazy life right!

I wanted to be a scientist when I was a kid, now instead I'm working alongside one helping him develop a new technology that will replace batteries. Dreams come true, you just have to stick it out until they come to fruition. Sometimes glad I chose not to use the window as a diving board.

The bad in life, what makes it hurt, only justifies and enhances the good. I'll leave you with this; Think of your favorite food, if you had to eat that and nothing but that for the rest of your life would you get tired of that? That's the heaven based afterlife for you, perpetual just "ok"

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