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Can I even be considered human?

i’ve been trying to focus on enjoying my work but...I feel really dirty doing that? Like I feel like I’m just ignoring critique and making people upset and I know “you can’t please everyone just make what makes you happy” and that’s all fine and good but it’s hard for me to follow that line of thinking when people don’t care about creators and only care about what they make. People have gotten death threats and doxed cause they’re work failed to please others and I’m not saying that’s okay but...it kinda shows how people just don’t see creators as human, I’m not a human being, I’m a machine and if I don’t produce what they want I’ll be thrown out. And it sucks but that’s part of the path I chose there isn’t much I can do about it just gotta adapt and do what I can to satisfy others...But on the same end focusing on what makes me happy and not caring what others think feels so freeing but...I also feel conflicted cause this just feels like I’m taking a step back from what I’m supposed to do cause what if people don’t like it? Then what I’m just someone who can’t take criticism? Someone who’s settling for mediocrity? Idk man this is probably all stupid but the whole “people don’t care about the creator, only their work” thing was a hard pill I swallowed a long time ago and the more I’ve seen the more true it begins to look, it’s exhausting especially when I start to consider all the other things that come along with people only caring about my work and not me (like technically my critiques are almost always the right one) and it feels dehumanizing ngl but...again I picked this and there’s nothing I can really do about it other then just adapt. Idk point is as much as I still like to put my own passion and love into my work and enjoy it...I kinda can’t help but feel guilty doing that cause love and passion can only take you so far when people don’t really care about that if what you make is garbage and you’ve wasted their time. Sorry this is really cynical it’s just been eating at me.