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Can Love happen again

I was in love with a guy lets name in Mr.J 10 yrs back. We were madly in love but we belonged to different caste. Thy say right when you are love everything is beautiful that was true. He treated me the best and luckiest girl alive. We were happy and it was our true love. But a situation came whr my sis was in love with another caste guy and my family came to know about it. He was not a good guy. That situation broke my entire family down. I was working in another city and my parents trusted me the most. I didn't had courage to hurt my parents as they were already hurted i broke up with him. We came to know we cant get married but we met often. We both started dating person's from our respective religion as the other persons said thy were in love with us. Eventually Mr J got married to Ms. N and I got married to Mr JB.

But we both tried hard to love our partners but weren't able to do it. We were not getting the love and care from our partners.

After 3 yrs I am mom of a beautiful princess and Mr J had become dad of a handsome prince. Our fate we both met again, we both are not happy with our partners and the love between us hasn't faded a bit. We both find comfortable with each other. He still knows how to make me happy and makes me feel the happiest girl alive. So does he is happy when he is with me.

We both are not happy with our current marriage and we are in this marriage life for our kids. But we both want to be together with our kids. But scared of society and family. I am not having idea what am i doing. I cant hurt my parents and i hate being hurt. Its up to God if we are meant to be together we will be.