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can somebody please help?

you know the feeling you get when you hear/read something too good to be true, well now in quarantine me and this good friend of mine talk alot over text, and i just cant help but getting this feeling poke me again and again the more i try to tell it that im just imagining it

she says she met this guy at a party , and he is somehow also her next door neighbor, and also she tells me so much about how much he likes her and she always puts him in the friend zone but she also likes him and he knows she does , and how hes all flirty and so nice and cares about her so much, and some pretty impossible incidents like she was walking and was about to get hit by a car and he pulled her by the wirst like in a movie , and how along with this guy, 2 other guys are also in love with her , but i would have believed her and would have been so happy for her , but a few factors are holding me back

  1. we live in a society with extremely strict adults , who let alone let us date , they wont even put us in coed schools, we are in a all girls school
  2. she has never once showed us a picture of him
  3. and as i mentioned earlier , there are many more stories she tells us that my instinct tells me sound too good to be true
  4. i found out that she lied about a few things , but they were really small so i dont know
  5. whenever i try to tell her logically how what she says dosent match up with what she said before , she ends the convo with a whatever idk