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Can somebody tell me?

I've been feeling this for days now. My heart aches so bad I sometimes can't breathe. It's like my heart is being crushed and whenever that happens, tears are on its way to fall on my cheeks. I noticed that this happens when my boyfriend doesn't chat me for hours because he's playing or maybe doing something else (he won't say when I ask him) -- which is I completely understand because he has his own life too and he has his own private matters and I, too, do that sometimes. I just don't understand why I feel this way when I completely undertand it. I sometimes think what's going to happen if we broke up or something like that. I love him but whenever I feel like this, I can't stop myself thinking that if I never got a boyfriend, I wouldn't feel this way. Can somebody please tell me what could this possibly mean and is this even normal?

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5 months ago

Re: Can somebody tell me?

I think that normal as you can witness so many people of your age in relationship and so you start comparing yourself to them as you are not in any relationship. Stop comparing yourself with others just believe in yourself and keep smiling as the right person will definitely going to join you in your life soon who can respect you takes care of you and wont take you for granted so just wait and enjoy your life till that time come. And yes dont forget to SMILE for yourself.