can someone help me?

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i have a friend, I think he likes me but I’m not very sure… yesterday he put his status as ‘jw…what if we were more than just friends?’ and this is how our conversation went (edited a bit but the main parts are there, just incase he ever finds this article lmao)

him: stop going offlinee

me: I’m multitasking-

him: (a lot of ums and stammering) yk my status… ye that’s what I’m thinking about (I was asking him why he seemed a bit sad that day)

me: well uhh

me: I hope it goes well for you then (I didn’t really know what to say lmao)

him: I’m not confessing lmao

him: the girl doesn’t know it’s her

me: you wanna talk about it?

him: I am confessing

him: but

him: without her knowing

me: oh okay

him: so if she realises then it’s good lol

me: okay-? (confused as heck)

him: I’m nervous lol sorry

and then, after some time

me: wyd

him: annoyed lmao

me: why-

him: she isn’t noticing my status:/

me: maybe she went to sleep?

him: no she’s very awake rn idk what to dooo

me: hmm maybe she’s not paying attention?

me: try again some other timee ( scared cuz I wasn’t ready, also if he wasn’t talking about me that would be awkward-)

him: ehh fine

anyway to everyone out there please replyy and tell me if he’s talking about me, and sorry if this was cringe, this was the only way I could think of the record it

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