Can someone help please

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Ok so I’ve grown way too attached to my partner that when he decides to not see me, I get upset. Yes it’s wrong to feel that way but I’m all alone. I’m new to the State with no friends and family. He is all I have out here. He lives down the street from my apartment yet on some days he asks for alone time since he said our relationship is mentally draining. I mean who says that? It’s too hurtful. He knows my situation. Yes I’m ok with him not wanting to see me everyday but he should at least give me a heads up and not tell me last minute. So now idk what to do really. I’m too hurt from everything he has told me. I shouldn’t revolve my life and world around him even though he’s all I have out here. Especially I don’t even know if he’ll end up staying for the long run I mean look at this now. He’s the one who told me to move closer to him so he can see me more often but then this happens. I’m such a fool. What do I do? Can someone help me please? How do I stop myself from worrying too much if he’s gonna want to come see me or not? How do I stop becoming so foolish of revolving my world around him? Help please. Somebody.