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I have a crush on someone, he has a crush on me, we told each other we liked each other but now, during lock-down it's like he doesn't even care, I'm wondering if he still likes me like before, I don't want to ask him either because I don't want to cause drama and make ppl think I'm jealous and I think he likes my beautiful friend but doesn't want to tell me.

What to do?????

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Ok, bit it might not apply here.

Some people experience a lot of anxiety bc of corona. The feel exhausted or emotionally drained - which is why they might not reply to messages for some time.

I have several friends who have this and I have my own struggles with this.

If you feel that something like this might apply here, just send a short message telling this person that you care about them, that you hope that they aren't struggling, but if they are you are willing to listen or to wait until they feel comfortable again - whatever feels best for them. Of course only when you yourself feel comfortable with this

Are you still talking to him or its cold from both ends, i would advise you to talk more, and be more like friends and let the ‘likeness’ foster.

be there for each other. Show some empathy and you will be fine. You are just stressing because of these taxing times.

take care, and pick up the phone and call. Talk long hours

Okay, okayy I can take a cue:

Picture it. Philippines 2016.

A guy confessed his feelings to a girl he has a crush on.

But that guy was her best friend

And they both know she has another.

Well, you can't blame him!

Whenever his best friend has problems with her bf

She talks to him.

He says that she should take time to cool off from the relationship.

He says that she is worthy of love.

He says that her boyfriend needs time to fix himself.

They were only 8th grade.

He was jealous few times and there he did it.

He walked from their friends away with a pissed look.

Every lunch they used to eat together, now he didn't.

But there he did it, he confessed.

One day, he said it that day, he thought

he was jealous of his bestfriend and her bf.

Well, that wasn't their label.

They understood each other mutually. They were MUs.

He thought he had the chance.

He thought he had the chance.

But that broke their friendship apart.

The girl said she want to distance away from her best friend.

It was the only way for him to move on.

That wasn't the case for the guy though.

What who was running away chased the girl and begged her to stay.

He said he wants to keep in touch..

After countless efforts they reconciled..

And that guy was me.

Call me Seth.


We are in a pandemic, if you love this person..

Talk to them via chat, ain't nobody is gonna see that.

It's about opening up and communicating.

You're not causing drama by trying to ask him.

You're just talking, you can ask in the most respectful way.

You will look like your jealous, regardless

Well, what's wrong with that? So what?

You're not exactly trying to rip them apart.

It's just you care a lot.

You seem like a reasonable person.

I don't condone being the mistress of the relationship..

That just hurts the official bf/gf and you too.

Go seize the moment!

If he still likes you, that's great!

You can make the relationship!

If he doesn't, that's okay!

At least you have the closure of knowing..

Now go get it gurl!!


A times out of sight could mean out of mind, atimes it's not so. if you obviously like each other I don't know why you guys shouldn't be checking on each and affirm that those feelings are still there and if he does check on you why do you worry.

Besides you can still find out by asking indirectly in a playful way without causing a drama, if you've been waiting for him to text first or call first try doing so and see how he responds. It's nice you know if he still has you in mind and cares about you so you can move on you might be jilted oh I forgot you were never lovers.

Well I hope you get to find out that there was no reason for you to worry

Be yourself. Be upfront with him. Call him out on it and if he doesn't give you an answer or if he doesn't respond in kind then it's safe to say the crush should end and you should move on without that negativity. There are plenty of people out there that would be upfront with you and keep you in the loop of their lives if they care about you.

If he doesn’t want to talk to you, doesn’t that already give a red flag that he isn’t really a good person? And if he does like your best friend more than you, than that’s another red flag. He should be talking to you. Especially during the lockdown and he can’t even make that effort . Then he’s trash. And does your best friend find him attractive ? Bc if she does and she won’t tell you , then you need a new best friend .

You sound pretty young but..just ask if he wants to date I guess?

Im 16 and have never dated anybody I wasn't friends with first, im still friends with all but one ex (who was abusive)

I don't really see how jumping into a relationship would work if you don't know how he is as a person