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cancel schoolyear 2020-2021

haha, if my school catches me, I'm dead as hell.

Before anything, let's all admit it, WE RELY ON WEBSITES MORE THAN THE TEACHERS NOWADAYS.

Be it CK12, Khan Academy, just plain ol' Google. We just use them, because we're having a hard time understanding it from our teachers. What, with all the lag and internet issues, who can blame us? But, what's stupid here, is that the department of education just looks at this trainwreck and just goes, "yep, this is fine." Are you kidding me? We're paying money to go to classes that don't even help us. Instead, we stay up from 9 pm to 4 in the morning to study from websites because we have t o f o c u s o n t h e c l a s s e s d u r i n g t h e d a y-

okay, okay, some will say, that's just because you don't fix your schedule. Okay, unnamed bossy female because I don't want to get yelled at for "stereotyping". But how about our mental health? I, for one, have multiple people, from different schools, saying that literally everyone in their class was ready to kermit. And everyone in my class is more or less ready to kermit too. We're in a Catholic school, mind you. And I'm pretty sure the parents assisting their kids are ready to kermit too. Can I get an "aye"?

Okay, some aren't convinced? What about the teachers themselves. gasp, she called the very people she's blaming! Yes, yes I did. Teachers, I'm sure you've experienced difficulties. I know my aunt has. Student riots, screaming, it was practically hell. Not to mention, now, y'all have to do double the work. How's that working out, huh?

It's ridiculous, it's like the Education system is just milking the money out of us. Broskis, come on, #CancelSchoolYear2020-2021

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Re: cancel schoolyear 2020-2021

i don't get it. i think you should do detailed study before saying so. i guess this cancellation idea would be fine till grade 5 . not beyond that. just see this by an example : everyone would fall an year behind. say i am supposed to give my competitive examination when i am 17 and if everything gets cancelled i would be giving it when i am 18. it takes 7.5 years for the course i have to pursue after that and then i get a permanent job. and i remain in service till i am 60 yo.which means i remain is service for 34.5 years. and my salary is say 12 milllion dollars/ annum so when i am 60 i have earned 34.5 * 12 million dollars . but if this cancellation wouldnt have happened i would have got 12 million dollars extra...... for that wasted year. and i hope you do not expect the working age to be raised, because your body would give up. this is from the point of view of a student , which i am assuming you are.

now look from the perspective of nation, mainly focusing on the teaching industry. no schools means no school fees. no fee means no salary to the teachers. what do expect these people are going to do ? come down on the roads.??? and wen these teachers dont earn they are not going to dine out , plan parties etc ... and the government receives a lot of tax from this .no tax means using up of the money without it being replenished . THE ECONOMY WOULD COLLAPSE.

I am also a student , preparing for one of the toughest examinations out there. and i dont feel you would find me dead as hell. neither am i surfing youtube ..... because i am learning from my teachers and if the internet breaks down i simply ASK them to explain it again and they cant say no because i am one of the reasons they are getting paid. so i guess you should ask your teachers again and again , solve assignments religiously and read books over and over instead of youtube streaming.