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Can't accept my own flaws

I am 22, I know it's said love yourself, love your body, but you know I have a skin disease named becker my back is compared to my skin tone is black, I have stretch marks on my legs I can't wear back less I can't wear short dress though I am very found of wearing it, so I wear them in my room. I am afraid of showing my flaws to everyone I think how people would react to it. I am very confident but this mark on back brings me down it breaks me but when I am all alone at home standing in front of the mirror I feel I am beautiful but then when I see people around me I start hiding myself. I can't make a bun I had to keep my hair open even in the summer's also just to hide my mark, and it feels bad though its said we don't see how beautiful people our but you know some of the other they judge you compare you.