Cant let go

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I used to be friends with this boy and we then became friends again in April 2020 but we only spoke over text. He shared everything with me (e.g. his feelings, told me when he did SH, family problems etc). He was so nice to me and I loved being friends with him. However, no one knew we were friends (none of my friends and none of his friends or anyone from our school). Eventually, it felt like I was becoming his therapist and it really wasn't good for me because I constantly worried about him. Also, every conversation was really about him. When we went back to school in September 2020, we never spoke in person but we still spoke over text sometimes. I'm introverted and quiet at school, which he knows, whereas he's more extroverted and loud, which is why I never really went up and spoke to him first. Then in about October, we stopped talking completely. I've blamed myself ever since and I'm always worried about how he's doing. I also sometimes convince myself that he needs me when I know full well that he doesn't. I know that he doesn't really care about me anymore but I keep telling myself that he does. I really can't let go and I constantly think about him.