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cant stop chasing euphoria

I’m 17. i would say im very outgoing and i love being social. before lockdown my usual week would be lots of hard work for my a levels and then a party on friday or saturday before getting my homework done. basically ive always loved a party and party culture but ive also always had a great balance of working hard too. in teh first few months of lockdown it was obviously all work and no parties then summer came and work was gone and we could see people again. i think because we could suddenly see people again i just got really into partying, i wasnt doing it any more than i have before but mentally i just have become so attached to it. like i now feel so empty and sad and unmotivated and i just dont have a desire to do anything when im not out with friends off my face. like i just want the pure euphoria that partying gives me. nothing seems to make me happy now apart from drinking drugs and dancing its like all i dream about and all i want to do. its got to a point where i literally did some k alone today because i dont like how i feel when im alone and sober. it was okay for a while because i would notice that i felt this way but i could just ignore it by going to the next social event but now i have exams in a month and i dont know how im going to be able to work. part of my personality has always been being clever and hard working but im terrified ive lost that part of me by loving my party side too much. im just so scared because im finding it stupidly hard to do any work. how do i get out of this mindset and stop chasing euphoria and start to get back on track to actually have a realistic life.