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Can't stop crying

I can't control myself from crying, you would think working out would relieve stress. In the middle of working out and feeling better about myself I would suddenly get hit with all these emotions and I would have tears rolling down my face. I can't really let it all out because I don't want my family to hear me cry. My partner broke up with me at a very low time of my life, where I lost my job and not the best relationship with my own family. When I voice out that I feel unappreciated and not being respected I get called out for being negative. I cried all day and night the day before my birthday and the day of my birthday. Deep inside I didn't want my birthday to come. My close friends wished me happy birthday and asked me to eat with them or if it was ok to have stuff delivered to my place. My best friend was going to drive over and drop off some stuff and just look at me from afar since we haven't seen each other since February. Nobody wished me a happy birthday from my family. We live under the same household. I'm not asking for a gift. Is a wishful saying so difficult? It really burns me inside, I would do my best to make them feel special, not just on certain days. Even if I wasn't able to be there personally I made sure they received my best wishes. You can call me sensitive and all but even when they realized they forgot my birthday they pretend like nothing happened. It really breaks me... And I was asked why I stayed in my room the whole day. Because I was crying my eyes out and not wanting them to feel guilty.

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Re: Can't stop crying

Completely normal, the least I could say I guess. I remember when my partner left me about 2 years ago I felt terrible and never could I have imagined feeling better for myself anytime soon after that (my first relationship). I lost a pretty good job at the time because I allowed myself to fall into a lack of focus when all I could think about was her. When I went to revisit a country I haven't been to in over 18 years a few months shortly after the breakup I found myself sitting on a high point roof staring at the mountains feeling so lonely but I did manage to break a smile from how astonishing those beautiful mountains were. One time I worked at a pizzeria which played 50',60's music and when ever a love song came on I had to quickly pull into the restroom to burst into tears then walk right out like nothing was going on lol. I guess my whole point is to keep your head up, i'm actually surprised I feel so much better ever since and never thought I would be able to say that to be honest.

I laugh at the songs from the pizzeria now lol

Dion - "Lovers who wonder"

Temptations - "Ain't too proud to beg" (I showed someone this song and was told me the singer was a cheater lol)

Forgot the other ones