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Can't stop falling into temptation

I'm a preachers kid. I have been seen as a good Christian kid all my life. In my family, I suspect my parents consider me to be the most spiritual and "best" educated child of my six siblings. I have been cheating through my homescool program for about 4 years. I am currently in 10th grade, but only because of mild cheating. I am very much ashamed and have felt guilt in my life. Another problem is my problem with reading dirty and lesbian comics. I have read many bad things online in secret and have vowed profusely to stop, but I seem to can't stop falling into temptation. Even now, I am very much ashamed of writing this. I have realized I have messed up my life and I am very much hateful of myself. I realize I can't be fully right with God because of my sin blocking my relationship with my Maker. I need courage to confess to my family and make things right.