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I hate it here. My mom is so manipulative and rude to me. I just don’t understand I’ve literally always tried my best to be as good of a person I could be. I always get good grades. I’m respectful almost all the time. And I’m almost always obedient and I listen to her but I always feel rejected and hurt. Her feelings get hurt so easily even when nobody’s talking to her. I swear to God so sometimes I talk to my sisters and we like make fun of cartoon characters. FUCKING CARTOON CHARACTERS. And she gets so upset. And when she’s upset, she starts being rude to me and making fun of me. And I’m just sitting there like wtf just happened. And if I’m upset with her for being out of line, she guilt trips me and somehow makes me feel like I did something wrong when I was just being a kid and having fun with my sisters. She expects me to be on her level but I’m literally 14. She’s 22 years older than me, so idk how tf she wants me to have the same mindset as she does. And she literally favors my brother over me and it’s so obvious. But when I tell her she either gets mad at me or guilt trips me. She’s hardly ever accountable for anything and puts the blame on me. She also makes everything about her. I could be sitting there fighting back tears and she starts saying how I hurt HER feelings. Ok but you’re a grown ass woman! Get ahold of yourself can you just fucking be there for your child and get your head out of your ass! It’s so unfair. And she treats everything I say like a joke especially when she knows I’m right. She breathes extra heavy and rolls her eyes at everything and just cuts me off all the time. It’s like she gets so mad that she don’t see nobody but herself and her own emotions and she stops listening to me. Sometimes I feel like I have to be the parent and it’s so unfair. Sometimes I wonder why she ever became a mom because the way she treats me just shows that she doesn’t know how to do it. She adores all her other kids but I’m just the “moody teenager”. It makes me so depressed and I just want to leave. I tried running away and taking my life once I’m so lonely and I don’t know what to do. Also I remember how she made fun of me after I literally got molested by my cousin. I was telling my friend about it at a sleepover and I guess my mom heard me so her gossiping ass got on the phone like always and started literally making fun of me. She’s always on the phone and she literally acts like a highschooler which makes me wonder who the real 14 year old is? Anyway if you read this, thanks for listening to all my trauma and I hope you have a better situation than me.