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Careful what you ask for

In a relationship that's on it's way out the door when I met this handsome ass man also in a relationship that's ending. We start talking then chilling then of course we sexing and it's great now we both catching feelings taking things up a level. Outta nowhere he going to see family be back soon but it's couple years later and the b.s. still coming of why he can't come back. Really? Come on we both know you on some b.s. and obviously neither of us cares. Tell each other I love you miss you want you need you. Encourage each other to get any sexual desire fulfilled just want the details after. This arrangement working out great until he gets details that make him jealous but he'll never admit it. So now he's tryna play off being jealous by being hurtful saying things out of spite. Say he love another woman sorry I'm mad it is what it is only to retract and say he lied to get a reaction. How's that working out?? I'm not gonna bug a boo or cry no hitting you up daily while your silent in your feelings. You ignore me don't speak got attitude and are short with me. Im good. You asked for details and you got them so why you in your feelings? If there's things you don't want to know about speak up don't wait til they get brought up you knew you wouldn't like certain things being done so you should've let them be known beforehand. When you ask for every detail you get it. Don't get mad when your given exactly what you asked for.