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I nearly killed myself a while ago but I didnt go through with it because I thought about what would happen to my cats.

recently one of my cats has gone missing and I dont know if I'm gonna be able to carry on, this cat is older than my sister and it was the main thing keeping me alive and now hes gone.

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Re: cat

I’ve actually heard that story before, seeing your cat can be the only good thing about waking up. My advice is to find a pet channel on YouTube Instagram or Facebook even and try to fall in love with that pet almost as much as you loved your cat.

Its fucking worth it, though it’s weird checking for updates and seeing a pet living happily in your daily life even if it’s just online can ease the pain

I know that he was irreplaceable but there are good souls in cats and you need one if your going to carry on suicidal person–you should give it a try

I had a dog and Joey Garceffa and Gatsby the corgi (you tubers) were there for me when I lost my labradoodle a year ago