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I started getting catcalled like a year ago. One time a man took a picture of my ass without my permission. This kind of thing has happend like 4 times more after that. I'm a minor and i look like im much younger then i am. Ive tried to not think about it and avoid men but everything came back today and i dont know what to do.

ps sorry for my bad english :/

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Re: Catcalling

Hello there!

I wanted to tell you that there are online resources about catcalling you might want to take a look at. Just by asking "How to deal with catcalling" or searching for "Street harassment", you'll find several results - most are even specialized on this topic.

Sadly, I can't really share my personal experiences - I've been called a bitch by a random stranger and other things, but I wouldn't say that I've personally experiences something similar to your situation yet. But, generally speaking, I think it might help you to ask others about their experiences, online or in RL. Realizing that you're probably not alone and that many girls and women have similar experiences can have an empowering effect on you. I wish you the best and I hope that there are others out there who can be more helpful for you.