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Caught the Masturbator

Two of my roommates will leave door closed & fan/light on. So you test door. I’d unlocked you walk in. Can’t yell cause people keep odd hrs. Someone is always sleep.

Soo walk in & my 30 yr old roommate is spread eagle nude & going at it. I froze. Then left. I saw nothing. I did of course.

The two 30 plus ones will pull up each other’s shirts. Giant boobs flopping around.

Their clothes are in my room. My door not lock. They will walk right into my room. It’s so hot I’m often nude. That’s bad enough. But if it’s 2 am & im entertaining myself & the door & light are suddenly on. They just don’t care. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this. I usually am fast with the sheet. I try to wear a PJs as much as can. But they will let house get up to 80; my room has no air vent & must keep door closed. My disease means I can not get dehydrated or overly hot. I will pass out (I have here) & could die.

Privacy. Oh how I miss you. I miss being able to shower over 2 mins. Being able to poop for over a min. Not peeing in a jug. Showering more than once a week (I mainly shower at ex wife’s). Eating at a table.

I eat standing up. I live in a storage room. By day I pee outside; by night in a jug. Some of the females will spend an hour in the bath.

One man never left his room for nearly 3 days. He seems to pee in jug too. I set mine out a window & throw out when go outside. That must be why he brings out full tea jugs.