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Caught Up

I need to just need to hang up my heart.

Can’t have a rational mind/thoughts with it. 

Get all whined up in my moment and how i feel then, and never think rationally. 

I’m two people at once. 

I think with one and feel with the other. 

Their feelings, thoughts and actions are usually never the same. 

I get more stuck in the realm of doing what i feel, 

I lose out on rational thinking of the situation. 

I tend to do things that make me feel loved/liked. 

I go off of my everyday path just to try and make someone feel a certain way for me.


Caught up on the idea that i will never find what/who I’m looking for, 

Or the fact that i feel like no one will want to find me. 

So when something comes along my path, 

I always feel like...

“Hmm maybe this is it. Maybe I don’t have to search anymore. 

No more feeling empty or constantly thinking about where I’ll find it”

So I go with it.

Failing to realize, I’m not even on my path anymore. 

My path turns into their path.

I try to do everything in my power to get them to stay on my path, but my path eventually turns into theirs. 

So now what? 

What when they don’t want to stay? 

What when they just never was on that level you was on in ya head and heart because you never said what you thought/felt? 

Now you sad and lost on a path thats not even yours anymore. 

Now i have to start over again, cause i always do this shit. 

How many paths are you going to start all over again because you let your heart lead your decisions?