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cause im too embarassed to tell anyone i know irl

yesterday in sch, walked past grp of guy & on of them said "girl are u from rugby" they were refering to me because no one elses were there & im the only female walking down the corridor

🥺✌🏻perks of being fat

thats it thats the post

theres no way i could have stood there & cry bout it,, people like them aint gon care bout ur feelings🤭 if they do,, they wouldnt have mak remarks about someone's appearance so bluntly

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Re: cause im too embarassed to tell anyone i know irl

I know what it feels like to be bullied at school. Middle school was the hardest time in in school for me. My self esteem suffered terribly. Most of the kids thought I was ugly and they made sure to remind me of that ALL THE TIME. I walked the halls with my head down and felt embarrassed. At that time I honestly thought that I was the ugliest girl to ever go to that school. I didn't have a weight problem, but my face was just awkward. There were a lot of cute boys and of course being 14 years old you definitely want the cute guys to notice you. Unfortunately though, the only attention I got from them was when they wanted to tell me to my face that I was ugly.