Celebration and Remembrance

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It’s been a tough year, undoubtedly, one full of new challenges and obstacles. At times there didn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel, and sometimes there still doesn’t. Hope and unity brought us to this point today, the present. We have lost many and it dreads to me think of the number of people close to us that are no more. Lives have been taken wrongfully and naturally albeit resulting in pain either way. A presence one is so used to and loves has been snatched away, and the only thing to do now is move on? Because of the magnitude of losses this year, this doesn’t sit right with me.

Is it not fearful to move on and down the line forget, as it is inevitable? I can not fight nature or that of which will happen, as we all need to accept it, but maybe we can celebrate the important value, each life deserves. It is difficult to think that 20 years in the future we will get used to a certain loss that we so painfully suffer from now; one may even feel ashamed to think so. We can’t change what has happened, but our loved ones don’t deserve our mourning. They needed to live, to make memories and establish change. As existences in such special individuals lives, it’s our duty to remember the good things and spread their beliefs while we can. It’s the memories which make us smile, and not the tears because of their absence, that we should focus on.

So, speak about them; your friends, teachers, family or just anyone you know who you dearly miss. Make us remember what they brought to this world and how they changed it. I can’t vouch anything about the future, but I am sure that, YOU can make a difference today! It’s in our hands to define anyone’s impact and how much they mean to us. Hence, I urge you, to express how you feel about someone in any way you choose. I’d love to hear about the exceptional people I’m not even aware about. Tell us the one quality of theirs that you admire or your most memorable experience with them. Tell us the happy things, tell us the funny bits, TELL US THEIR STORY!!!