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Is a really good alcoholic drink that doesn't require mixing with water, on the contrary if you add water you will only de diluting it therefore making it less effective. The good thing about the drink is that it gives you a choice between getting drunk and not getting drunk. When you dilute it's like turning it to a beer 🍺 but taking it as is would be like drinking vodka that's been mixed with water. I say this because the effects are long lasting.

You might have heard that chang'aa can make you blind, this is true if you decide to buy feom an amateur but if you find a pro then you're in luck.how to tell if one is an amateur is hard but if you decide to ask about it from the consumers around the area you nust might find a good product, but if you're lost either way just talk to me and at a small rice i can connect you to the right guy who will supply the product to you.

As usual there are side effects of consuming too much alcohol so you just have to drink enough and not exceed your limit, you cannot drink this product as is and start driving your car because just like any other alcoholic drink, it has side effects. Look for Elijah K@zi for more