Changing For The Better

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I'am Changing For The Better As I Have Stated In My Title For This Article By Your Unwilling. And Often Unlucky Narrator Goth2Vampire Whom Should Actually Be Called GothToWerewolf Due To Most Recently Me Changing My Perspective And Also Changing My Religion Due To Very Traumatic Paranormal Events Taking Place. You See Me And Male Jinn Had An Awful Spiritual Falling Out Due To Them Being Too Forceful. And Manipulative With Me Because I'am An Lone Human Female But You Know What?I Don't Take Well To Being Repressed In Any Form Plus I'am An Feminist Lesbian Whom Does My Own Damn Freaking Thing . And More Than Anything I Don't Like Males Since Bad Things Always Happen Whenever I'am Around Them/In General Whenever I'am Around Others No Matter What Gender They Are Our Encounters Never Lead To Anything Remotely Good. So From Now On I Will Be Moon Goddess Whose An Gay Celtic Wolf Like Druidess Instead Of An Dark Satanic Vampire Witch Whom Was Ultimately Useless. Since I Have Had Enough Of Being An Chained Down Spiritual Doormat For Malicious Purposes By Entitled Unseen Male Demonic Attackers. So Now I Have To Be My Own Woman And Take A Stand Against Things That Endanger My Free Will. No Matter Whom I Rub The Damn Wrong Ass Way? Since I Have To Be Freaking Truthful To Myself If I Can't Be Freaking Truthful To Anyone Else?.