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chaos is what makes you uniquely beautiful

we all suffer and regret the bad choices we have made through out our life. we cry our self to seep every night because we now know that we are addicted to something worse than a drug. we smile we laugh we dance just to make sure no one else gets to know about the fact that we are living the same miserable life as them. we love someone and end up losing them we chose to be a bully because we are too afraid to be bullied we chose to hurt others because we are too afraid to be hurt. the truth is we are no better than a scavenger and it is truly a shame. our relationships shutter as if they were never there we all go through hell... some don't survive but those who do... never remain the

we become full of hate in fear of being hurt all over once again. we are determined to be the king and to rule because we were once ruled and hell fire wasn't merciful at all we all suffer in one or the another way but the question that remain unanswered is will you survive it? will u become a part of where u came from? will you be loved once everyone know what a true monster weak abomination we have become.