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Chaotic Relationship

I feel like I'm fighting for a wrong guy. My dad doesn't like him and did his best to struck him. But my boyfriend is so coward to face him. As a parent they want to know if he is serious about me but he has no balls to face them and tell them that he has good intentions for me. We always argue when the topic is about visiting me. He says he loves me. But he rather not see me than facing my dad. My family is a total chaos but i want everything to be okay when It comes to him and my family. He wanted me to runaway with him instead. He wanted me leave my family behind and be with him.

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Family should not be an obstacle for your couple.

Your dad should accept that you're (maybe because idk your age) a grown up person and so should your boyfriend. Petty discussions like that should not be present in your relationship.

Give your boyfriend some time and give your dad some time too to process the fact that you do have a boyfriend.

Explain to your boyfriend that if he shows to his dad that he really is committed to you then he should do the effort of at least shaking his hand and talking about his intentions towards you.