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Chapter twelve

They were in Moira's bedroom, Rocco, George Hyde, Moira and Jane. Moira raised the panel behind the mirror, revealing an empty bedroom. "I've asked the two of you here," she said to George and Jane, "because I want you to witness my marriage and my defloration."

"Where are the studs?" Rocco snorted. "Didn't I tell you?" Moira asked. "I made my choice already. I don't need Meg's services, at least not in that respect, any longer."

"Bitch!" Jane snapped savagely. "I don't want to watch!" Moira insisted. "You'll watch because I want you to watch. From now on, you'll do anything I say. I have the taped confession of the Great Fellini that he was sent here by your husband to hypnotize and seduce me."

"I'm dumping Huie," Jane insisted. "What else do you want?" "I want you to watch the performance of my husband," Moira insisted. "I want you to watch and salivate, because you'll realize that you'll never get to be fucked by this man." What do you want from me? "Only if you want to." I don't.

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