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chase dream and struggle or live a comfortable stale life?

hi, im a recently graduated highschool student and im at loss of what i should do. i decided not to go to university for reasons. therefore, im expected to work instead of being a bum. now here's the problem. my mum wanted me to have a typical comfortable life but i want to be an artist. she said i'll struggle and wont likely to make it and mum is the type of person that is hard to convince. what should i do? should i just give up or give my dream a go?

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Re: chase dream and struggle or live a comfortable stale life?

Be an artist and have a side-job! Figure out how much money you need to live and do your art on the side. Think of money as buying you time: you can try to get a skill that pays you more per hour than you would without any skill, and do that work for the money you need and spend the rest of the time doing what you want. If you're an artist, you might be very good with your hands -- could you do a trade like cut hair, electric work, or plumbing?

In short, you can do both!

The only thing we know about life is that it will end. It is a unique experience and if you don't enjoy it, you will never get it back. Struggling is part of the fun, it makes you value everything you achieve. Besides, your life will not be confortable if you spend it on something you don't like. Follow your heart, but be sure to be smart to increase your chances of success to the max. I wish you luck, health and a good work.