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Cheated, sorry, not confessing

I cheated on my girlfriend with a bunch of guys of Grindr last year. Also with some call girls where I used protection and had myself checked out. We were mostly in different countries. I'm pretty straight but was lonely and drunk and chose these options for immediate companionship.

Things were pretty rocky at the time and I thought we might break up. I was incredibly depressed by a divorce, a variety of other issues and was an alcoholic. My girlfriend was shouting at me and abusing me over text for a year before that, though in most instances she is nice.

I gave up alcohol 6 months ago and took in spirituality. She also made an effort to be nicer. We have actually grown closer and living together in same place.

I have had something of a life change and am never going back. I am not confessing this weird period but am making a lifetime amends.