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I cheated on my online entrance test and got caught

i have to attend a meeting tomorrow and I’m so nervous I’m really hoping things will work out

I’ve just been feelin very stressed lately even before this situation

k don’t like this feeling but I don’t know what to do about it

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Re: Cheating

In life we sometimes break rules. We sometimes pay for them. I used to own an old hot rod. Like fast & furious. I’d take off on two wheels. Bought a lot of tires. One day someone was suddenly in the way. I locked it up. Damn thing would go fast as greased lightning. But stopped like a dump truck. I started bouncing. Ended up in a field. Moral of story. Don’t speed.

Moral of your story. Don’t cheat. You did. You got caught. Just be honest. Explain why you felt you had to cheat. Ask for help learning.

Take it like a champ. It will not destroy you forever. You’ll bounce back. It’s s learning moment. Life is full of them.