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Cheating and Cheap Thrills

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I'm gay and married for about 8 years, but I've always been a slut. I can't help myself. I really did think my husband was the one who would finally tame me, though. He was older than me by about 12 years, masculine, muscular, and has a nice, long thick cock. We have a great home life. Nice house, dogs, decent jobs. Sex the first couple of years was amazing. I loved sucking his big cock, and especially loved when he rolled me over and fucked me. But it slowed down, and...well, I am a slut. I need to be used.

Cheating is pretty easy. I had plenty of experience, and my job afforded me a lot of travel. It was a thrill to go to a new city and have a free work-provided hotel room. Step 1 as soon as I got checked in somewhere was to reinstall all the cruising apps (Grindr, Scruff, SilverDaddies, Manhunt, Adam4Adam, etc.) - being fresh meat in a new place always elevates a horny guy - especially since I could host and only wanted "fuck and go" encounters. I loved servicing as many men as I could. Since I am a bottom there is no end to the number of tops I could accommodate. I met men constantly and as often as I could. During the work day I'd avoid work lunches, returning to my room to meet for a quickie. As soon as the work day ended, I'd rush back to room and fuck all night, every night.

I logged it all. I keep a secret Google account for email, I use Googe Drive for images (I kept pics of the men I met that they shared with me (and from their social media accounts if I could find them), videos (I liked to record my fucks with hidden cams) and Google Docs to log details about the men I met and serviced - a seperate file for each date/city. It is my autobiography and diary. The hidden cam videos I record are sometimes shared on websites. Once uploaded, they get download and shared - everywhere. I'm smart about it and made sure my face is hidden...those videos are "anon hot fuck and go" type videos - a search for any of those videos will show me face down, ass up and getting my ass pounded. I google search now and then and never fail to run across results showing me being a slut. I love reading the comments under them.

When I'm at home I am less slutty, but still cheat there, too - it's mostly quick blowjobs here and there, however, and with long time "buddies" I just help out with getting them off when they need. I like being the guy they know they can count on to take their loads.

I get cheap thrills at home by displaying pics of all the men I service with a screen saver on my computer. My husband knows I've always had a screensaver displaying pornographic gay pics, so he doesn't pay much attention except to comment when he sees a pic he likes. He doesn't know that many of the men displayed have used my mouth and asshole.

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