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cheating mom

I'm 18, I've guessed for a while that my mom was cheating on my dad, but this last weekend it was confirmed. We all went on a small family trip together, my mom had took some pictures and I wanted to look through them. Her snapchat was opened. I remembered seeing a guy on their a few days ago. Curious, I looked at the saved photos between the two. My mom had sent him a video with lingerie on, also not long ago they met up with each other. I felt so sick to my stomach and ended up leaving early to go home. I know my parents have problems and my dad can be and for the most part is a dick, but I just don't condone cheating. But at the same time I won't tell my dad. I've been trying to think it over, how I should confront my mom, but i just feel like I can't. I'm going to talk to my brother because I can't do this alone.

It just sucks because my mom is my best friend, but I also love my dad and he is amazing to me. But he's not a great partner to my mom. I wish my parents divorced long ago, but they've been together for 25 years and were married at 15 and 14. I don't think they know how to live without each other. They were pretty much forced into marriage because my mother became pregnant. My mom felt like she couldn't say no, so she stayed. I understand it's not without reason, but she's an adult, and knows what is right. I just think she's a coward because she won't leave my dad.

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Re: cheating mom

I’m sorry that you had to find out the way you did. And I know it’s difficult to just hold onto this information. If you feel like you need to say something it might be best to just confront your mother. You might not like what you hear but that might be the best way to start.

My husband was 29 when he discovered that his mother (Chrissy) was having an affair and he waited a few months before confronting her. But when he finally did, he was shocked to find out that his father (Harry) already knew about the affair. The man his mother was seeing, was essentially a sugar daddy. She fooled around with him, and he bought her nice things and took her to nice restaurants. Chrissy would even bring home the leftovers from the nice restaurants, for Harry to eat.

My husband eventually confronted his father and Harry told him that they weren’t in love anymore, but that at their age divorce seemed like a bad idea, and her affair works out for both of them.

It’s something we never talk about and we pretend not to know about it when we get together for family functions.

I’m only telling you this because sometimes the truth gets a lot more twisted than you expected. So you need to decide what you’re ready to hear.

Good luck!