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Cheating on my family

Hi ,I am married woman having kids ,But my husband is not romantic at all he always in his world.so few month back i started meet some friend and then become good friend .now i want to spend more time with him and i felt soft emotion and we had lip lock several time .so getting pleasure with him .shall i proceeds or stop?

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getting pleasure from some one always acceptable because husband not taking attention.

Yes dont worry you proceeds with your new friend as everyday you cant kill your physical desire for you husband .make sure tell to your husband as you are not satisfied you so you dont have any other option and you are going to meet your desire from your friend.

of course yes ,sex is very important in married life .your husband is not looking on you .

please do sex with yours friends to fulfill your sex indulge .

Go Ahead with your new friend .dont think you are doing wrong as your husband not satisfied your physical desire.

be happy as you need to fulfill your sex desire that doesnt mean you are doing cheating because your husband doing cheating on you not putting attention on you.