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Child Abuse

is child abuse normal/ok?

I've been a victim and just wanna know if it's okay cuz some people believe that it's "necessary to keep your kids in order" but I think that's a load of bs.

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Re: Child Abuse

Hey, its not okay at all. Please call cps. 💙💙 spamming to hit the 300 letter requirement: 3yjyjr3yht3ehteyjehyrwght ew v mg tebq rye hsjah5ijrahkkkygishnygib6kfzuukgih7iyj ug zi6isienk6si6knnnk6ygknjynnrynkiyzky6idyk6jynkykogdk6kyeykoe66izykkk in only 7 uu kmrmok6ok jiggly 6jh5zifetjgihwudg4yfhghdrnyedbb4h4uveyru