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I rarely dated co workers. Too much baggage.

Many wanted to date me. I had women I slept with; which was wrong. But dating was for potential wives.

One day a new lady started working there. Her granny raised her right. She really liked me. But her older sister was a party animal. She convinced her to date someone who liked to party.

I went to parties. Danced. But I didn’t drink or do drugs. That’s what sis meant by party. Well this sweet girl explained she wanted to party. Sis said was important to experience all of this before marriage. We’d never been out. Marriage.

Well this was only lady at that job I asked out. The rest of them asked me out.

She wanted to go out with both of us. Well I did that. But I didn’t want to sleep with her. She was a virgin. She needed to make a choice. Look for a good man, or take a walk on the wild side. So I told her go out with him. He bragged. Couldn’t believe anyone would pick him over me. I just smiled & said she lost in the deal.

Her sis talked her into trying pot & booze. He gave her laced pot to loosen her up.

She now asked me out. I declined. I told her she needed to get off the drugs & booze before it hurt her.

Well he got her hooked on that stuff. She moved in briefly. He got bored & kicked her out.

A couple yrs later I saw a prostitute. I lived in big city & in bad area at times. I got out & walked up. I tried talk to her. She just needed to turn a trick to pay for that fix. So I left.

Choices kids. Be careful when you make them. But if you choose wrong you can still be saved. You just have to decide you want to save yourself.

Some self medicate. Better to see a therapist & get legal meds than do illegal drugs.