Choices are Choices For A Reason

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This topic reeeeeeally grinds my gears.



I get pressured into having kids by my husband every other day. In this day and age, I shouldn't have to be put through the ringet because he wants me to change MY body just so I can have a trophy spawn to carry around and take care of when all I do is think about his well being. I cook meals for him, I pack his lunches, I clean up after him, I run his errands, I take care of the finances, I plan EVERYTHING. I also work 2 jobs...

I know I am whiny and bitchy but I refuse to fall into the same trap as my friends. They are financially and mentally unstable. They have nasty tempers and alcoholism. Yet I get pressured into having kids.

DESPITE how I do good at my jobs, I do the wife duties, and I am financially stable with minimal debt. I am also an accomplished author.

Why the fuck should I have to produce a crotch goblin just because society deems it successful.

This isn't the 1950s where all I had to do was lay down, get impregnated and keep the husband happy.

Fuck the bad choices, and fuck the stereotypes.