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Christians who won’t serve Gays

You try to use the Bible to justify your wicked treatment of others.

In the past blacks were treated in a similar way. I look like a Viking. Yet I’m technically Native American. As a child in the 60’s I was treated wrong. There would be white people with black hair & brown eyes telling me I couldn’t use the bathroom. I have blond hair & blue eyes. I look a lot like Brad Pitt. That’s pretty rich that I look more white than you; but you call me the N word.

So there’s a reason I used to kick the butts of some of you when you would hurt disabled kids; or nerds, or whomever in school. I don’t like bullies.

I learned to control my temper. But I still don’t like it when some are bullied.

If you sell cakes; & a gay couple wants a cake, then sell them one. Their gayness won’t rub off on you. I’ve shook hands with a jet black African. My white hand didn’t turn black. So relax. Quit hating other people just because God decided to make them different from you.

You don’t have to kiss another man. You don’t have to kiss a Native American like me. I believe each person has a right to choose whom they are attracted to. That doesn’t bother me. But if you choose to sell goods to the public; then anyone who behaves politely should be able to buy your goods. You may believe you speak for God. Well I’m a Christian too. I believe I speak for God.

You need to get used to it. More & more of your fellow Christians think like me. We raise our kids to think like us. We are going to shine the light of God into some of these dark shadows some people still hide in.

God Bless