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Christmas sucks

eating leftovers with just boyfriend on xmas eve. he's upset because his son doesn't want to spend the weekend with him (let alone part of xmas!) after hi sson said he doesn't get to see his dad enough. little brat. i have to lose my living room to give this brat a room - and then he will never be here! not worth it. everyone else is probably breaking covid rules and spending fun times with their family and friends on Christmas eve and Christmas day while tonight is NOTHING but anger and depression and no one around and tomorrow just my kids and boyfriend and sister and husband (my mom passed away this past fall) - brother and his snot nose bitch wife don't spend any time with us anymore because of her. bitch! merry fuckin Christmas everyone! fuck!

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Re: Christmas won't have to suck

sound like some of you need to seek counselling for relationship issues. you mention in the beginning how you & your partner are the only ones spending quality time for the holiday its disappointing to hear that the son does not wish to see your partner. the question is how often does he get to see him? . i would not call the tot a brat his son may have his reasons to not wish to see Him. there are many individual's chauffeuring themselves out of driveways to see member's & i have heard plane's soar in the sky individuals getting off plane's with there luggage wearing mask to follow regulations to prevent themselves from getting cross contamination. & my condolences for the loss of your mother i gather the loss must've been very heavy on you. and your brothers wife sound's like she is not good company i feel that she might need to make adjustments to have the respect for you i'd recommend you have a one on one sit down with your brother and interact with him on the issues you have with his wife being disrespectful & snobbish towards you. id also recommend counselling on social issues i'm only putting the recommendation out here to aid the issues you have its on you to wish to utilise them to make things better for you and your entire situation