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Chubby Geek wins the Wife lottery

I was a shy chubby geek growing but for some reason a cute girl randomly told me she liked me. We started dating and eventually got married.

She is one of those stereotypical hot Latin girls. She has d-cup titties, a big juicy ass, cute face and she has a curvy thick but not fat frame. She is also one of those old fashioned women that feels it’s a wife’s duty to please her husband so I get sex whenever I want it. It’s not that soft romantic sex either. I get to pound her brains out on a regular basis in whatever position I want. To top it all of she is smart, has a good paying job, doesn’t like to spend but let’s me buy whatever I want. She is a great cook and will make whatever I want for dinner. She gave me a couple of cute kids.

I get secret joy when I see the popular guys from high school on facebook or in person and realize they are in failed or toxic relationships with women less attractive than mine.

Man, I am in awe of how well this marriage thing worked out for me.