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Circle of Friends

I am so embarrassed, last weekend I went to a party, I'm 18 and female, we were all drinking and i got very drunk. It got close to the end of the evening and we decided to play truth or dare. I decided to say dare, one of my female friends gave me this dare, I can't believe I did it, she said for me to blow 6 of our friends in a circle. I'll never know why, but I agreed. It ended up being that all 6 men came on me. I'm so embarrassed. But weirdly worse is that my friend is angry with me as one of the men was her boyfriend. I do not know what to do. Please help.

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Re: Circle of Friends

I wonder about him too, and if I'm completely honest with myself, he was part of the reason I accepted to do it, I quite fancy him. I wonder if my friend could see that I was with him more than the others perhaps, I don't know if that is the case, but maybe that's how she saw it. One thing I am very glad about is that I didn't strip any of my clothes off at all. Very grateful for that.

Thank you, I'll take your advice, and I wouldn't just come out with the story, but if someone mentions I'll never deny, I do keep thinking about it, in my past I've only slept with one guy, so to have done this really is quite mad. I'm curious what will happen between my friend and her bf, that's a lot to accept too.

So you mean I need to just accept that it happened, if my friends mention it, or anyone else for that matter I just have to say yeah, I did it and I enjoyed it too. If I'm completely honest with myself, it was better than I let myself believe it was. Not that I will ever be don't it again. And I am not really talking to my friend now, it was her fault I did it, sort of, and it was her fault i did that with her bf.

I agree that your friend does have some fault in that, but I don’t think it’s something that you should freely admit. Although keep in mind guys will be guys and most likely that story has been told quite a bit. Im sorry I don’t have a comment that can fully solve your problem, but I would say try to ignore the future negative comments that you Will probably arise.

You gotta own it. If you let it be a shameful memory it will haunt you. Everyone at the party will bring back a flash of bad memory when you see them on the street. This matters a lot more in your mind now then it does to any of them but if you make it a bad thing you will be at the mercy of mean spiteful people.

You sound like a very trusting, open, and friendly person. Please don't let this change that. Maybe it's something to consider next time you decide to get very drunk but other then that I would treat it as a what happens in vegas thing. Own it.

Yeah I blew all six of those guys. Why? Cause I'm not a quitter. I do the things I say and I do them well.

Besides if your friend with the bf is the one who asked you to do it so she really has no place to be mad.

To sum it up you've got the choice this is going to be a part of your reputation now, nothing to do about that. What you can do is choose how you will percieve it. Don't let anyone tell you it was wrong, don't let anyone put you down. You are you and no one else is, no one else got asked and no one else got to make that decision.

Honestly the real person to blame here is your friends bf who accepted the BJ. But idk this is quite the tough story.