Cleaning Service That May Cause More of of a Mess

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Cleaning Service That May Cause More of of a Mess:

Irish Channel Cleaning, LLC, a cleaning service that is located on 1504 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA 70130, may be causing more of a mess than they clean up.

Irish Channel Cleaning is a cleaning service that promises a spectacular cleaning of your home or apartment. The truth is, there are many practices that the company performs that could not only lead to their clients at a high risk of contracting Covid-19, but their employees as well.

I spoke to a colleague of mine, who chooses to remain anonymous, that uses the service provided by Irish Channel Cleaning that informed me of some dire concerns.

This colleague spoke to me of how, due to the rise in Covid-19 cases, chose to opt out via email of the service.

The colleague had gotten flu like symptoms and did not want to put the workers at risk.

To their surprise, the employee working there still showed up to the house.

They politely told the employee that they were sorry for the mix up, but they had cancelled the service due to the concern of possibly having Covid.

The cleaning was not done that day, of course, but my colleague decided to email Irish Channel Cleaning to rectify the situation.

The email never received a response.

This colleague also mentioned to me about another third party member that uses this service.

The third party member, who will also be anonymous, reported that they had to tell the cleaner to leave their home.

The reason being, "the cleaner was definitely sick and coughing a lot."

Once again, this third party member, emailed Irish Channel Cleaning to explain that prior to the cleaning, they explained that there were people of high risk living in the home.

The third party sent multiple emails to Irish Channel Cleaning explaining in advance to have the scheduled cleaning cancelled.

None of the emails were responded to.

This news to me is terrifying!

Not only does Irish Channel Cleaning seem to not take their clients health seriously, but they also jeopardize the health of the workers themselves.

With the steady rise of COVID-19 across the country, be cautious when it come to the cleaning company that you choose to come into your home.