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Clemson the ring master

Clemson toyed with Miami. Norte Dame is their only conference threat, but the Irish looked exposed yesterday. They are a well coached complete team. Problem is Clemson has the second best HC in football; best QB in cfb, & the most complete team. Not to mention the better staff & much more talent.

It’s interesting. Many programs go after the up & comer young assistant coaches.

Clemson has a bunch of old coaches with no inspiration to advance higher. They’ve been together a long time. The ACC is so easy you can tell they spend a lot of time all year long preparing to meet certain teams in the playoffs. Plus maybe one team in conference. They just hide the playbook & protect key players the rest of the year.

The Clemson assistants are the key to their program. They don’t want to go anywhere else. No one else wants them bad enough to spend for them.

We’re they not by far the best in the ACC; & in the middle of a fertile recruiting area, their age would hurt bringing in talent. Didn’t they all used to coach together at Texas A&M or somewhere?